Mighty Mount Kilimanjaro - Geronimo Stilton

  Mighty Mount Kilimanjaro - Geronimo Stilton   After reading this adventurous book it was about Geronimo on another one of his crazy adventures they are going to climb a famous mountain in Africa but they don't know ow they will do it so Thea Benjimn and uncle ae on there way eventhough they face difficulties on the way there so they all are trying tp help Stilton up the mountain because he wants to discover new things and for him to take back to his mouse place and add his pictures to his adventure book he went back in time to discover and see the history of the mountain and overcome a lot of things on his journey



  This book connects actually with  someone that I know because she likes to explore and see new things just like Geronimo and that is my mom they are similar in that way. This book connects with the book ''Rumble In The Jungle'' by Geronimo Stilton because him and his rodent friend went on a adventure in the jungle and the book I read connects with him going on a adventure.



I would recommend this book to anyone who likes mysteries or adventure because that's mostly what all his books are about and there and because there just very fun and interesting to read.